I was born in 1970 in New York City, graduated from Harvard in 1993 and got an MBA from Columbia in 2000. I didn't have a television at home when I was little. Instead I read constantly, while my parents took me to extraordinary places around the world. With a teacher and some friends, I started a newspaper in 7th grade in New York. At high school, I ran the school paper and we won national awards despite the rather graphic gossip column called Low Notes, which was the publication's main appeal to my fellow students. At university I was an Editor of the Harvard Crimson, a daily newspaper.

My first writing after college was a book called Around the Sacred Sea, about an expedition that some friends and I organized to study Lake Baikal, in Siberia. My colleagues included Taran Davies, the filmmaker, and John Boit, the journalist. It was the youngest expedition ever to be granted the honor of carrying the flag of the Explorers Club. Our other sponsors were the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Russian Academy of Sciences. (At the time I was the youngest member of the Explorers Club. I am also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.) The only way to follow the lake's biggest tributary from its source in the Mongolian steppe, and to get all the way around the lake, was by horseback. We spent four months in the saddle, collecting water samples and canvassing the various environmental players - scientists, national park people, directors of industrial concerns, grass roots activists and others - along the way.

Most of my work now is in the Middle East, where my specialty is Iraqi politics and constitutional issues. I believe strongly that Iraq should be covered by spending as much time as possible living and travelling with Iraqis.

I have written about the Middle East, especially Iraq, for The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Observer, the Financial Times, the FT Magazine, the Telegraph Magazine, Prospect, Foreign Policy, Radar, and Travel + Leisure, and have been syndicated in the International Herald Tribune, Corriere della Serra, and the Los Angeles Times. As well as print journalism, I occasionally do broadcast work, mostly for the BBC and Fox News. I am the International Editor of Prospect, a London-based political and cultural monthly magazine

My next book, Paradise Lost: In Search of Civilisation in the Fertile Crescent, will be published in 2007 by Grove/Atlantic in New York and London..

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